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Upcoming shows:
-Saturday July 13th @ Towne Crier, Beacon, NY
-Friday July 19th- Senasqua Park River Festival, Croton, NY
-Thusday Oct 3rd- The Falcon, Malboro, NY


LOTUS "Spirit of Santana" is a 7 piece band comprised of a number of stellar veteran New York City musicians based in the Hudson Valley. Together recreating the authentic and inspiring music of the great Carlos Santana. LOTUS does not impersonate SANTANA and nor does it clone SANTANA'S music.  LOTUS delivers and interprets SANTANA'S music through decades of personal experience. The result is a professional, fresh and creative sound.


As Carlos himself would say: “Music has the power to bring light into darkness”. 


The brilliant collaboration of this band is a spellbinding experience; a must see! 


DAN G2.jpg

Jordan Shapiro

Introducing Dan Garcia, the extraordinary lead guitarist of Lotus Spirit of Santana band!🔥 From a young age, Dan has been captivated by the enchanting magic of Carlos Santana's music. Inspired by the soulful melodies and electrifying guitar solos, he embarked on a musical journey that would define his passion and drive. As the heart and soul of our band, Dan's guitar skills are nothing short of mesmerizing. With each strum of the strings, he effortlessly channels the spirit of Santana, infusing our performances with a unique blend of energy and emotion.

His ability to recreate the iconic sound and style of Santana is truly awe-inspiring. 🎶 But Dan's talent extends far beyond his exceptional guitar playing. His infectious enthusiasm and stage presence ignite the crowd, creating an electrifying atmosphere that leaves audiences spellbound. Whether he's unleashing fiery solos or weaving melodic harmonies, Dan's passion and dedication shine through in every note he plays. 🎸 LOTUS Spirit of Santana is incredibly grateful to have Dan as the lead guitarist of our band. His unwavering commitment to his craft and his lifelong inspiration from Carlos Santana make him an invaluable asset to our musical journey.

Introducing Jordan Shapiro, the incredibly talented keyboardist and vocalist who adds a touch of magic to our band! 🎶🌟 Jordan's mastery of the keys brings a whole new dimension to our music. Whether he's playing soulful melodies or dazzling with intricate solos, his skill and passion shine through in every note he plays. 🎵As our keyboardist and vocalist, Jordan's versatility and creativity are unmatched. He effortlessly weaves beautiful harmonies and mesmerizing textures, creating an enchanting atmosphere!

Introducing the extraordinary Annalyse McCoy, a multitalented singer, songwriter, and musician who is an inspiring member of Lotus Spirit of Santana band. With her captivating vocals and exceptional musical prowess, Annalyse brings a unique and dynamic energy to every performance. Her passionate interpretation of Santana's iconic hits, such as Game of Love', 'Transcendance' leaves audiences in awe and craving for more. Beyond her vocal talents, Annalyse's instrumental skills on the guitar and percussion instruments add an extra layer of depth and versatility to the band's sound. She is not just a member of the Lotus Spirit of Santana band, but a true force of nature that elevates the band's performances to unparalleled levels of brilliance.

🎤🎸 Introducing Ryan Dunn, the multi-talented lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and percussionist of LOTUS Spirit of Santana! As our lead vocalist, Ryan brings a unique and captivating energy to our songs but Ryan's talents don't stop there – he's also an exceptional rhythm guitarist and percussionist. His rhythmic skills add depth and groove to our music, complementing the melodies and creating a solid foundation for our sound. Whether he's strumming the guitar chords or adding a subtle percussion element, Ryan's contributions elevate our performances to new heights. 🎸🥁 Beyond his musical abilities, Ryan's infectious charisma and stage presence captivate audiences. His passion for music and genuine love for performing are evident in every moment on stage. He has a gift for connecting with the crowd, creating a vibrant and interactive atmosphere that leaves everyone wanting more. 🎉🎶 We feel incredibly fortunate to have Ryan Dunn as a member of our band. His dedication, talent, and infectious energy are what make our performances truly special.

Meet Nate Allen... a natural performer, his energy is contagious and is known for his warm and friendly personality, always engaging with the band and audience and making them feel like they are part of the show. His infectious enthusiasm and love for the music shine through in every performance, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of working with him and seeing him play! 

Meet Yoshi Takemasa, a phenomenal percussionist who brings an electrifying level of energy as a member of LOTUS Spirit of Santana Tribute band. With his rhythmic mastery and infectious beats, Yoshi adds a pulsating groove that sets the stage on fire. 🔥His skillful command of various percussion instruments amplifies the band's sound to new heights. Yoshi's passion for music and his unwavering dedication to his craft shine through every exhilarating performance

🎵 Introducing Dave Previ, the phenomenal drummer of the Spirit of Santana Band! 🥁🔥 Dave's rhythmic skills and incredible talent are simply mind-blowing. His energy and groove take our performances to a whole new level.💥 With every beat, Dave creates a solid foundation for the band's sound, driving the music forward with precision and power. His drumming not only sets the rhythm, but also adds depth and texture to our songs, making them come alive in the most extraordinary way. So mark your calendars and get ready to be blown away by Dave's incredible drumming skills and electrifying stage presence. You won't want to miss it!

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